1. The name of the club shall be “ West Somerset Whippet Racing Club, hereafter called “the Club”
  3. The object of the club shall be to encourage the sport of whippet racing in the South West.
  4. Membership shall be open to persons approved by the committee.
  5. The members shall elect annually a President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Racing Manager and five committee members.
    1. To be affiliated to the W.C.R.A. the Club shall have one official who is also a member of the Whippet Club.
  6. The Committee
    1. Shall meet as necessary and be responsible for the running of the club and hold an Annual General Meeting.
    2. Fix, with membership approval, annual subscription rates.
    3. Cause proper accounts to be kept and an income and expenditure account to be made out in respect of the period ending in December each year.
    4. The accounts shall be available for inspection by any paid-up member at any reasonable time.
    5. Have the right to ban any person found to be using abusive language, behaving in an unsportsmanlike manner or failing to comply with the rules of the club.  The decision of the committee shall be deemed to be final and subject to no appeal at law.
    6. Have the power to co-opt to their numbers.
    7. In the absence of the Chairman, appoint a temporary chairman for that the meeting.
    8. No person whilst an undischarged bankrupt may serve on the committee or hold any office or appointment within the club.
    9. The Chairman shall have a casting vote.
  7. That it be in the power if the Secretary, Committee or on a requisition signed by six members to call a Special General Meeting for the discussion of any matters connected with or affecting the club.  No other business to be discussed other than that stated on the requisition.
  8. The members of the club shall hold themselves responsible to honourably dispose of all just liabilities incurred in conducting the business of the club
  9. That the club shall not be dissolved except by a resolution passed by a majority of those present at a Special Meeting called specifically for that purpose.
  10. All fully paid-up members shall be entitled to a copy of the club’s rules and annual accounts.
  11. These rules shall not be amended or altered except at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting called specifically for that purpose.
  12. All fully paid-up members shall be entitled to vote at a General Meeting.
  13. Should the club be disbanded at any time, equipment is to be returned to donors. Any equipment bought by the club at disbandment to be donated to another Club or charity to be agreed upon. Any cups and trophies donated to the club for annual presentation to be returned to donors.

January 2015