This was our first big event of the season, the weather was kind to us, the dogs ran well and it was a friendly, good natured relaxed meeting. Our charity was, as usual, the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance.

Silken Windhounds

Stake 1

1st Layla
2nd Yvee

1st cons. Mayzee

Stake 2

1st Marukh
2nd Beaux

Stake 3

1st Moon
2nd Denver

1st cons. River


Stake 4

1st Striker
2nd Sika

1st cons. Fern

Stake 5

1st Diva
2nd Arry

1st cons. Sark

Stake 6

1st Lace
2nd Winsome

1st cons. Flash

Stake 7

1st Rogue
2nd Stag

1st cons. Pepper
2nd Echo

Stake 8

1st Novak
2nd Paris

1st cons. Chase
2nd Trigger

Stake 9

1st Chance
2nd Tigga

1st cons. Freebee


Stake 10

1st Darcy
2nd Myrtle

1st cons Tiswas

Stake 11

1st Niamh
2nd Bracken

1st cons. Swift

Stake 12

1st Dexter
2nd Black Pearl

1st cons. Kitty

Stake 13

1st Jack
2nd Drizzle

1st cons. Tinker
2nd Warwick

Stake 14

1st Mouse
2nd Monty Don

1st cons. Honey
2nd Pye

Stake 15

1st Trilby
2nd Quiz

1st cons. Monty
2nd Bruce

Stake 16

1st Colin
2nd Slipper

1st cons. Pippin
2nd Phena

Stake 17

1st Pete
2nd Fly

1st cons. Dottie

Stake 18

1st Harley
2nd Maverick

1st cons. Bella
2nd Wren