All the heavy rain and strong winds that were forecast didn’t reach the polo field at Taunton. There weren’t many of us today, but all the dogs who did come really enjoyed themselves. We met Rudi for the first time, a big lovely fawn boy who tore down the track like he had always chased a lure, and Brian and Reg’s pup Pye came out of the closed trap with no problem.

There were 2 wins for Monty Don, Batman and Bracken – well done. Thanks to Chris for coming down to ride the bike for us, there were so few people we all had to give a hand where needed, just as it should be. The run of the day had to be Honey, Bella, Pippin, Bracken and Kitty, all hand slipped together and running beautifully. It was great to see Paul’s Pye starting to slim a little (must find out her secret) and everyone was pleased to see Pam who hasn’t been able to attend for ages (due to her driver being out of action)