We had a very successful day yesterday, the weather was very kind, dry and quite warm. The trophies were run for over 3 rounds, 100 yards scratch, 150 yards at 1/2 yd lb and 200 yards at 1 yd lb, and all the dogs put in maximum effort, really enjoying themselves.

The Bunny trophy for heavyweights was won by Pippin with Bella and Monty Don joint 2nd, and the Julie Mason trophy for lightweights by Ebony with Elmo 2nd. Flash won the Festival trophy for lurchers.

It was lovely to see Biddy with Slipper, Paul with Pye, Sandra’s Dexter ran with another dog and came out of a trap, and Brian and Regula’s pup Pye (confusing?) is running well, really taking to it. Maria and Brian came up with Novak and Rebus, and Chaise and Paddy ran.

The usual thanks to Jason for manning the traps, Steve and Richard for riding the bike and of course Fred for running the lure,.