It was so cold today it was surprising anyone turned up, the wind was bitter but the positive side is that the ground has really dried now. We were quite a small band of chilly racers, but still upbeat for all that.

Race 1

1st WCRC Ameesha Little Ebs
2nd Ameesha Elimos Express
3rd Gambler Jack
4th Ameesha Meadow

Race 2

1st Darkling Drifter
2nd Just a Dash

Race 3

1st Ameesha Red Rascal
2nd Ameesha MagikMonkey

Race 4

1st Cernevale Bluebell
2nd Harley

Race 5

1st Darkling Damsel
2nd Ameesha Just a Breeze
3rd Mamma Mia Molly

Race 6

1st Ameesha Misty
2nd KittyKat
3rd Ameesha Spirit

Race 7

1st Mamma Mia Molly
2nd Ameesha Red Rascal
3rd Ameesha Misty

Race 8

1st Just a Dash
2nd Darkling Drifter

Race 9

1st Ameesha Elimos Express
2nd Gambler Jack
3rd Ameesha Spirit

Race 10

Dead Heat Cernevale Bluebell and Harley

Race 11

1st Ameesha Just a Breeze
2nd Darkling Damsel
3rd Ameesha Meadow

Race 12

1st WCRC Ameesha Little Ebs
2nd Ameesha MagikMonkey
3rd KittyKat

There was just the one lurcher race:

1st Paris
2nd Fire
3rd Freedom