It was a lovely balmy day and unusually for the Polo Field, no cold wind. Somewhat reduced number of dogs because of the WCRA Championships, but nevertheless we had some good racing and everyone enjoyed themselves. We were running for Pairs trophies, the dogs having been drawn prior to racing.

Race 1

1st Mamma Mia Molly
2nd Crazy Maisy
3rd KittyKat

Race 2

1st Just a Dash

2nd WCRC VC Wheatroyd Gambler Boy

Race 3

1st Junior Spikes
2nd Sexy Dexy
3rd Winsome

Race 4

1st Gambler Jack
2nd Little Pocket Rocket
3rd Darkling Damsel
4th Warwick

Race 5

1st Little Pocket Rocket
2nd Gambler Jack
3rd KittyKat

Race 6

1st WCRC VC Wheatroyd Gambler Boy
2nd Just a Dash

Race 7

1st Sexy Dexy
2nd Junior Spikes
3rd Wins0me
4th Warwick

Race 8

1st Mamma Mia Molly
2nd Darkling Damsel
3rd Crazy Maisy

The winners of the Pairs trophies were Just a Dash and Sexy Dexy. Runners up were Darkling Damsel and Mamma Mia Molly