We don’t seem to have had a normal race meeting for ages, what with the Charity Open, trialling and schooling and then last week’s Dog Show, however that has now been rectified. It was a dry day, if somewhat cloudy, but perfect conditions for running the dogs.

Race 1

1st Ameesha Red Rascal
2nd Ameesha Meadow
3rd KittyKat


Race 2

1st WCRC Wheatroyd Gambler Boy
2nd Hazlenut Honeycomb

Race 3

1st Lady Anatenka
2nd Ameesha Spirit

Race 4

1st Gambler Jack
2nd Cernevale Bluebell
3rd Ameesha MagikMonkey

Race 5

1st Junior Spikes
2nd Darkling Damsel
3rd Winsome

Race 6

1st Ameesha Little Ebs
2nd Ameesha Misty
3rd Tinkers Moondancer

Race 7

1st Ameesha Little Ebs
2nd Ameesha Misty
3rd Ameesha Red Rascal

4th KittyKat

Race 8

1st WCRCh Wheatroyd Gambler Boy
2nd Hazelnut Honeycomb

Race 9

1st Lady Anatenka
2nd Gambler Jack
3rd Cernevale Bluebell

Race 10

1st Tinkers Moondancer
2nd Ameesha MagikMonkey
3rd Ameesha Meadow
4th Ameesha Spirit

Race 11

1st Darkling Damsel
2nd Thornbird
3rd Junior Spikes
4th Winsome