This was the Open we tried unsuccessfully to run last year, the first cancellation was because of the rain and the second because of kennel cough, well third time lucky. It was a lovely day, a little breezy but not too bad, all racers seemed to be relaxed and happy so all in all very good. We all enjoyed it. Many thanks to Fred for driving the lure all day, Sue for halfway judging, all the line judges, Marcus on the bike and everyone else who did their bit, lots of help was given with trapping and picking up. Thank you to the racers who travelled a long way to support us.

N/e 17lb

Heats Just Mat; Dollybird


1st Dollybyrd
2nd Just Mat

N/e 19lb

Heats: Ameesha Little Ebs; Truly Unruly;


1st Truly Unruly
2nd Ameesha Little Ebs
3rd Little Pocket Rocket
4th Ameesha Red Rascal


1st Here Comes Trouble

N/e 21lb

Heats: Cheeky Devil; Gambler Jack; Agile Illusion; Harber Kernow

Semis: Agile Illusion; Gambler Jack


1st Agile Illusion
2nd Harber Kernow
3rd Cheeky Devil
4th Gambler Jack


1st Truly Scrumptious
2nd Belle of the Ball
3rd Persian Kate
4th KittyKat

N/e 23lb

Heats: Ameesha MagikMonkey; Sexy Dexy


1st Sexy Dexy
2nd Ameesha MagikMonkey
3rd Crazy Maisy

N/e 25lb


1st Endeavour
2nd Phena Bean

N/e 27lb

Heats: Troublemaker; Gem Nugget


1st Troublemaker
2nd Gem Rock Nugget
3rd Cernevale Bluebell

N/e 29lb

Heats: Vensuter Wheal Chimes; Just Maybe


1st Agile Approach
2nd Vensuter Wheal Chimes
3rd Just Maybe
4th Hazelnut Honey

N/e 31lb


1st Winterfellin Vanilla Sky
2nd Like the Wind

N/e 34lb

Heats: Chermayeff; Just a Dash


1st Chermayeff
2nd Rubi Tuesday
3rd Just a Dash

Veteran N/e 17lb

Heats: Rch VC Cornish Tinker; Tinkers Cloudy Moon


1st Rch Vc Cornish Tinker
2nd Cornish Flame
3rd Tinkers Gypsy Joe
4th Tinkers Cloudy Moon

Veteran N/e 20lb

Heats: Pebble Nugget; Summerleaze Bay


1st Summerleaze Bay
2nd Pebble Nugget
Mies van der Rohe N/R

Veteran N/e 23lb

Heats: Mamma Mia Molly; Harber Schumacher


1st Mamma Mia Molly
2nd Harber Schumacher
3rd Ameesha Meadow
4th Ameesha Spirit

Veteran N/e 26lb


1st Junior Spikes

Veteran N/e 29lb


1st Blade Bunny
2nd Harber Spirit

Veteran N/e 32lb


1st WCRCh Wheatroyd Gambler Boy