Another chilly day saw plenty of people and dogs, quite a few more new ones too. We even had people just spectating, perhaps this will encourage them to get a whippet.

Race 1

1st Blade Bunny
2nd Just a Dash
3rd Bella

Race 2

1st Mamma Mia Molly
2nd Ameesha Red Rascal
3rd Ameesha Misty
4th Ameesha Meadow

Race 3

1st Tinkers Cloudy Moon
2nd Tinkers Gypsy Joe

Race 4

1st Lady Anatenka
2nd Hazelnut Honeycomb

Race 5

1st Ameesha Little Ebs
2nd KittyKat
3rd Ameesha MagikMonkey
Ameesha Spirit d.n.f,

Race 6

1st Blade Bunny
2nd Bella
3rd Just a Dash

Race 7

1st Ameesha Little Ebs
2nd Ameesha MagikMonkey
3rd Mamma Mia Molly
4th Ameesha Red Rascal

Race 8

1st Tinkers Cloudy Moon
2nd Tinkers Gypsy Joe

Race 9

1st Hazelnut Honeycomb
2nd Lady Anatenka

Race 10

1st Ameesha Misty
2nd KittyKat
3rd Ameesha Meadow
4th Ameesha Spirit

The Spring Shields were awarded to: Heavyweight – 1st Bella; 2nd Just a Dash; 3rd Hazelnut Honeycombe

Lightweight – 1st Ameesha Little Ebs; Jnt 2nd Ameesha Misty and KittyKat

Veteran – 1st Blade Bunny; 2nd Mamma Mia Molly; 3rd Tinkers Cloudy Moon