We had perfect weather, ground in good condition, but it was disappointing that there were so many non runners.  However, the dogs that did attend ran well, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. MAIDENS 14 – 19 lbs 1st KittyKat   20 – 23lbs 1st Ameesha Misty 2nd Ameesha MagikMonkey   24 – 27lbs 1st Mr. Cooper   28 – 32lbs 1st Pye in the Skye 2nd Mr. Trotter   ELITE 14 – 19lbs 1st Ameesha Little Ebs 2nd Little Pocket Rocket 3rd Jett Black 4th WCRCh The Lighthouse Flyer Consolation Ameesha Red Rascal Heats : Little Pocket Rocket; Ameesha Little Ebs   20 – 23lbs 1st Wheatroyd Blissful Chimes 2nd Cheeky Devil 3rd Dark Delight 4th Gambler Jack Heats: Wheastroyd Blissful Chimes; Cheeky Devil; Dark Delight; Little Cracker Semis: Wheatroyd Blissful Chimes; Cheeky Devil   24 – 27lbs 1st Vensuter Muskogee Venture 2nd Law and Order 3rd Sydney 4th The Were Rabbit Consolation Gold Edition Heats: Vensuter Muskogee Venture;  Law and Order   28 – 32lbs 1st Vensuter Tennessee Venture 2nd Star Attraction 3rd Max Attraction Heats:  Star Attraction;  Max Attraction   VETERANS 14 – 19 lbs 1st Midnight Rose 2nd Tinkers Gypsy Joe 3rd Lighthouse Rumours Heats: Tinkers Gypsy Joe;  Midnight Rose   20 – 23lbs 1st WCRCh Sapphire Queens Topaz 2nd Ellobiko 3rd Ameesha Meadow 4th Ameesha Spirit Consolation Ameesha Saffron Heats:  Ameesha Meadowl;  WCRCh Sapphire Queens Topaz   24 – 27lbs 1st WCRCh Sapphire Gem 2nd WCRCh Heross 3rd Eyes Pye 4th Whirling Whimbrel Consolation 1st Blade Bunny 2nd Crackerjack Heats: WCRCh Sapphire Gem;  Whirling Whimbrell   28 – 32lbs 1st WCRCh VC Wheatroyd Gambler Boy 2nd WCRCh Have You Honey 3rd Deadly Twister 4th Guyes Gone Fishing Consolation Companula Tottington Heats: WCRCh VC Wheatroyd Gambler Boy:  WCRCh Have You Honey