Only the second meeting we could hold this season, and the first time the traps could be used.  We had a good entry of dogs and were blessed with a fine day.  There were cameras from Channel 5 filming the Silken pups on their first visit to the track all adding to the excitement of the day.  We ran for Spring Shields.  Winners:

Whippets Heavyweight 1st Kai, 2nd Pippin.  Lightweight 1st Miah, 2nd Darcy

Lurchers Under 21″ 1st Sika, 2nd Winsome, Under 23″ 1st Robyn, 2nd Tigga, Overs 1st Siren, 2nd Stag, Saplings 1st Rogue, 2nd Diva

Silken Windhounds 1st Beaux, 2nd Denver

All the races:


Race 4

1st Kai

2nd Pippin

Race 7

1st Pye

2nd Dexter

3rd Jack

4th Bobby

Race 11

1st Miah

2nd Colin

3rd Kitty

Race 13

1st Darcy

2nd Warwick

3rd Myrtle

Race 21

1st Kai

2nd Pippin

3rd Bobby

Race 23

1st Miah

2nd Darcy

3rd Pye

Race 25

1st Colin

2nd Dexter

3rd Warwick

Race 30

1st Jack

2nd Myrtle

3rd Kitty


Race 1

1st Mist

2nd Arry

3rd Maddy

Race 3

1st Winsome

2nd Lark

Race 5

1st Sika

2nd Flash

Race 6

1st Annie

2nd Gem

Race 8

1st Robyn

2nd Sark

3rd Fern

Race 10

1st Tigga

2nd Lace

3rd Sprite

Race 12

1st Siren

2nd Pepper

3rd Belle

Race 14

1st Elf

2nd Paris

3rd Rory

Race 15

1st Stag

2nd Novak

3rd Dabke

Race 16

1st Chase

2nd Skittle

3rd Tazer

Race 18

1st Sika

2nd Winsome

3rd Mist

Race 20

1st Flash

2nd Arry

3rd Lark

Race 22

1st Maddy

Race 24

1st Robyn

2nd Tigga

3rd Annie

Race 26

1st Sark

2nd Lace

3rd Gem

Race 27

1st Sprite

2nd Fern

Race 29

1st Siren

2nd Stag

3rd Elf

4th Chase

Race 31

1st Pepper

2nd Novak

3rd Parisd

4th Skittle

Race 32

1st Rory

2nd Belle

3rd Dabke

Race 33



Race 17

1st Rogue

2nd Diva

Race 34

1st Rogue

2nd Diva


Race 2

1st Beaux

2nd Moon

Race 9

1st Denver

2nd River

Race 19

1st Beaux

2nd Denver

Race 28

1st Moon

2nd River