Another fine day found plenty of racers and would be racers at Taunton for a Trophy Meeting.  The winners were: Lightweight – Racing Managers Trophy – Ameesha Little Ebs;   Middleweight – Eclipse Trophy – Cosmo;   Heavyweight – Johns Trophy – Batman Forever Race 1 1st Ameesha MagikMonkey 2nd Sexy Dexy 3rd Ameesha Meadow Race 2 1st Vensuter Wheal Chimes 2nd Spikes at Midnight 3rd Just a Dash 4th Swift Race 3 1st Ameesha Elimos Express 2nd Ameesha ~~Spirit 3rd Crazy Maisy Race 4 1st Winsome 2nd Loki 3rd Harley 4th Pippin Race 5 1st Ameesha Little Ebs 2nd Little Pocket Rocket 3rd  Ameesha Just a Breeze 4th Amesha Red Rascal Race 6 1st Batman Forever 2nd Cosmo 3rd The Silver Ghost Race 7 1st Gambler Jack 2nd Ameesha Misty 3rd KittyKat 4th Olympic Warrior Race 8 1st Ameesha Little Ebs 2nd Ameesha Elimos Express 3rd Gambler Jack 4th Olympic Warrior Race 9 1st Vensuter Wheal Chimes 2nd Spikes at Midnight 3rd Swift 4th Ameesha Spirit Race 10 1st Little Pocket Rocket 2nd Ameesha Just a Breeze 3rd Ameesha Misty Race 11 1st Cosmo 2nd Loki 3rd Pippin Race12 1st Batman Forever 2nd Winsome 3rd Harley Race 13 1st Ameesha Red Rascal 2nd Sexy Dexy 3rd  Ameesha Meadow Race 14 1st KittyKat 2nd Ameesha MagikMonkey 3rd Crazy Maisy