Well, we had nearly 40 dogs, most of whom were trialling.  We did manage a few two dog races, Spikes Midnight Run and Wheatroyd Wheal Chimes;  Blade Bunny and Honey;  Wheatroyd Blissful Chimes and Bella,  and Tinkers Gypsy Joe and Tinkers Cloudy Moon,  but were weren’t running for anything special. Just for fun.

Elizabeth Ellistone’s Brodie was cleared and Reg’s Anna and  Elizabeth Johnson’s Phina both came out of traps with 2 other dogs. Oh joy, Gill’s Phoebe came out of a closed trap with another dog.!!

We are grateful to the people who let us use their dogs to trial with, always a bit of a headache.

Just to add to the fun of the day, we had 6 Silken Windhounds trialling.

There were several West Somerset dogs at the West Cornwall Open,  and we are very pleased that our own Ameesha Little Ebs did Liz and Richard proud by winning her weight group and then going on to win the Supreme.  Well done girl.