Race 1 1st Ash 2nd Bellecott Nightmoves   Race 2 1st Ameesha Little Ebs 2nd  Gambler Jack 3rd Ameesha Misty 4th Ameesha Meadow   Race 3 1st Spikes at Midnight 2nd Honey Race 4 1st Little Pocket Rocket 2nd Ameesha MagikMonkey 3rd Ameesha Red Rascal 4th Ameesha Saffron   Race 5 1st Tinkers Cloudy Moon   Race 6 1st Sexy Dexy 2nd KittyKat 3rd Bella 4th Ameesha Spirit   Race 7 1st Spikes at Midnight 2nd Ash   Race 8 1st Gambler Jack 2nd Ameesha Red Rascal 3rd Ameesha Saffron   Race 9 1st Bellecott Niightmoves 2nd Honey   Race 10 1st Ameesha Little Ebs 2nd Liittle Pocket Rocket 3rd Ameesha Meadow   Race 11 1st Tinkers Gypsy Joe   Race 12 1st Ameesha Misty 2nd Ameesha MagikMonkey 3rd Sexy Dexy   Race 13 1st KittyKat 2nd Bella 3rd Ameesha Spirit   Another lovely day at Taunton, with some close races.  The first time on the racing programme for Ash, who conducted himself very well.  There are several trialling youngsters coming on well, lets hope they will soon be ready for clearing. The June Trophy was awarded to Little Pocket Rocket, much to Pippa’s delight.  The first 50 points rosettes of the season were awarded to: Little Pocket Rocket;   Ameesha Little Ebs;  Gambler Jack;  Bellecott Niughtmoves;  KittyKat;  Tinkers Gypsy Joe;  Tinkers Cloudy Moon. Well done to all those dogs. We are now eagerly awaiting next weeks Open.  Don’t forget your passports everyone.