On a cloudy but dry dry we held the biggest meeting of the year so far, racing whippets for the Spring Shields and racing lurchers just to see if we could, and we did.  Lots of dogs, lots of trials, a long day, but very enjoyable. The Spring Shields  were won by :- bitch – Ameesha Little Ebs;  Dog – Just a Dash; Veterans – Mamma Mia Molly The lurcher winners were: Group 1 Jet (Neil Hutt) ;  Group 2 Trix; Group 3 Freedom;  Group 4 Jet (Jane Wood) Whippets Race 1 1st Cosmo 2nd Sexy Dexy 3rd Mamma Mia Molly 4th Ameesha Spirit Race 2 1st Gambler Jack 2nd  Ameesha Ellimos Express 3rd Ameesha Red Rascsl 4th Crazy Maisy Race 3 1st Just a Dash 2nd Cernevale Bluebell 3rd Tea Leaf 4th The Silver Ghost Race 4 1st Tinkers Moondancer 2nd WCRC Ameesha Little Ebs 3rd Little Pocket Rocket 4th Ameesha Just a Breeze Race 5 1st Ameesha Misty 2nd Ameesha MagikMonkey 3rd Drizzle 4th Ameesha Meadow Race 6 1st KittyKat 2nd Olympic Express Race 7 1st Gambler Jack 2nd Tinkers Moonshadow 3rd  Sexy Dexy 4th Ameesha Misty Race 8 1st Cosmo 2nd Ameesha MagikMonkey 3rd Ameesha Just a Breeze 4th Crazy Maisy Race 9 1st Just a Dash 2nd Cernevale Bluebell 3rd The Silver Ghost 4th Tea Leaf Race 10 1st Ameesha Ellimos Express 2nd Little Pocket Rocket 3rd Drizzle Race 11 1st WCRC Ameesha Little Ebs 2nd Mamma Mia Molly 3rd Ameesha Red Rascal 4th Ameesha Meadow Race 12 1st Olympic Warrior 2nd Ameesha Spirit KittyKat dnf Lurcher Racing Group 1 Race 1 1st Jet (Neil Hutt) 2nd Chase Race 2 1st Tess 2nd Tia 3rd Flash Group 2 Race 3 1st Trix 2nd Fire Race 4 1st Declan 2nd Storm Group 3 Race 5 1st Arri Bobby dnf Race 6 1st Freedom Tig dnf Group 4 Race 7 1st Jet (Jane Wood) 2nd Maddy Race 8 1st Fern 2nd Winsome Group 1 Race 9 1st Jet (Neil Hutt)  – Group 1  Winner 2nd Tess Race 10 1st Chase 2nd Tia 3rd Flash Group 2 Race 11 1st Trix – Group 2 Winner 2nd Declan Race 12 1st Fire 2nd Storm Group 3 Race 13 1st Freedom – Group 3 Winner 2nd Arri Group 4 Race 14 1st Jet (Jane Wood)  Group 4 Winner 2nd Fern Race 15 1st Winsome 2nd Maddy