With a day of indifferent weather and more triallers than racers we still managed a decent set of races.  Bracken had to pull out as she came into season but the other two youngsters ran well.  Dog of the Day rosettes were on offer and went to Dog –  Sexy Dexy   and Bitch – Little Pocket Rocket.

Race 1

1st Junior Spikes

2nd Olympic Warrior

Race 2

1st Little Pocket Rocket

2nd Darkling Damsel

3rd Pippin

Race 3

1st Just a Dash

2nd Cernevale Bluebell

3rd The Silver Ghost

Race 4

1st Winsome

2nd Crazy Maisy

3rd Loki

Race 5

1st Sexy Dexy

2nd Dottie

3rd KittyKat

Race 6

1st Sexy Dexy

2nd Junior Spikes


Race 7

1st Little Pocket Rocket

2nd Pippin

3rd Crazy Maisy

Race 8

1st Cernevale Bluebell

2nd Just a Dash

3rd The Silver Ghost

Race 9

1st Dottue

2nd Winsome

3rd Olympic Warrior

Race 10

1st Darkling Damsel

2nd KittyKat

3rd Loki