Race 1 1st Little Pocket Rocket 2nd KittyKat   Race 2 1st  Blade Bunny 2nd  Honey   Race 3 1st Tinkers Cloudy Moon 2nd Tinkers Gypsy Joe   Race 4 1st  Wheatroyd Blissful Chimes 2nd  Gambler Jack 3rd Sexy Dexy   Race 5 1st Bella 2nd  Bellecott Nightmoves 3rd Pye   Race 6 1st Wheatroyd Blissful Chimes 2nd  Little Pocket Rocket 3rd KittyKat Race 7 1st Honey 2nd Bellecott Nightmoves 3rd Pye   Race 8 1st Tinkers Gypsy Joe Tinkers Cloudy Moon N/R   Race 9 1st Bella Blade Bunny d.n.f. Race 10 1st Gambler Jack 2nd Sexy Dexy   We had another wonderful day at Taunton, not too many racing dogs but more than made up for by trialing dogs.  There were quite a few people coming for the first time to see what whippet racing is all about, and I think they enjoyed their time with us.  Lets hope we see many of them again as there  were some good  prospective racers amongst them.