Although not a sunny day, it was dry for the racing which was the important thing, and not too hot for the dogs.  There were some super races and  some very close finishes, with all dogs enjoying themselves.


Stake 1

1st Ebony

2nd Pasha

1st Cons. Darcy

2nd Lyric

Stake 2

1st Warwick

Stake 3

1st Cosmo

2nd Jack

1st Cons Badger

2nd Misty

Stake 4

1st Drizzle

2nd Kitty

1st Cons Maisy

Stake 5

1st Elmo

2nd Dexter

1st Cons Phoebe

Stake 6

1st Solomon

2nd Loki

1st Cons. Bella

2nd Phena

Stake 7

1st Maverick

2nd Dusty

1st Con. Tea Leaf

2nd Cedric

Stake 8

1st Bugsy

2nd Batman

1st Cons. Sylvia

2nd Pye

Stake 9

1st Ash

2nd Reuben

1st Cons. Gryphon

2nd Korky

Stake 10

1st Polly

2nd Monty

1st Cons. Trilby


Stake 11

1st Jet (Jane Wood)

2nd Tigga

1st Cons. Freedom

2nd Winsome

Stake 12

1st Paris

2nd Chalky

1st Cons. Tod

2nd Sark

Stake 13

1st Novak

2nd Midas

1st Cons. Pepper

Stake 14

Joint 1st place Tess and Ziba

Stake 15

1st Jet (Neil Hutt)

2nd Rebus

1st Cons. Liffey


Stake 16

1st Beaux

2nd Denver

1st Cons,. Sonny

Stake 17

1st River

2nd Tiggi