A bitterly cold day, but a dry one, saw us assemble for the final meeting of the season.  We weren’t running for anything in particular, but 1st rosettes went to the dogs with two wins:  Ameesha Little Ebs; Cosmo; Vensuter Wheal Chimes and KittyKat. The October points trophy went to Pippin. Race 1 1st KittyKat 2nd Winsome 3rd Rubie 4th Ameesha Spirit Race 2 1st Laguna Laces Loki 2nd Pippin 3rd Harley Race 3 1st Ameesha Little Ebs 2nd Gambler Jack 3rd Ameesha Ellimos Express Race 4 1st Vensuter Wheal Chimes 2nd Winterfell Vanilla Sky 3rd Swift Race 5 1st Ameesha MagikMonkey 2nd Bracken 3rd Ameesha Misty Race 6 1st Dottie 2nd Just a Dash 3rd The Mouseketeer Race 7 1st Ameesha Just a Breeze 2nd Darkling Damsel 3rd Ameesha Meadow Race 8 1st Cosmo 2nd Cernevale Bluebell 3rd Ameesha Red Rascal Race 9 1st KittyKat 2nd Ameesha Spirit 3rd Winsome 4th Rubie Race 10 1st Just a Dash 2nd Harley 3rd Pippin 4th Hazlenut Honeycomb Race 11 1st Cosmo 2md Ameesha Ellimos Express 3rd Cernevale Bluebell 4th Ameesha Misty Race 12 1st Vensuter Wheal Chimes 2nd Winterfell Vanilla Sky 3rd Dottie 4th Swift Race 13 1st Ameesha Little Ebs 2nd Ameesha Red Rascal 3rd Darkling Damsel Race 14 1st The Mouseketeer 2nd Laguna Laces Loki 3rd Bracken 4th Ameesha MagikMonkey Race 15 1st Gambler Jack 2nd Ameesha Just a Breeze 3rd Ameesha Meadow