The expected horrendous weather didn’t materialise and we managed a pleasant, if a little chilly, morning’s racing.  After last week which was mainly helping the new dogs get to grips with accompanied running down the track, we had some really good racing.  We mixed Liz and Richard’s new pups Breeze and Elmo and Pippa’s Maverick and Warwick in with the racing dogs and they gave very creditable performances.  They will soon be swelling our numbers.

Dog of the Day rosettes went to – Dog: Sexy Dexy;   Bitch: Ameesha Little Ebs;   Veteran: Mamma Mia Molly



Race 1

1st Ameesha Little Ebs

2nd Little Pocket Rocket

3rd Darkling Damselfly

Race 2

1st Gambler Jack

2nd Cernevale Bluebell

3rd Crazy Maisy

4th Lady Anatenka

Race 3

1st Ameesha Red Rascal

2nd Ameesha Meadow

3rd Warwick

Race 4

1st Spikes of Fire

2nd Phena Bean

Race 5

1st KittyKat

2nd Maverick

3rd Ameesha MagikMonkey

Race 6

1st Hazlenut Honeycomb

2nd Winsome

3rd Penny

Race 7

1st Sexy Dexy

2nd Ameesha Misty

3rd Breeze

Race 8

1st Mama Mia Molly

2nd Elmo

3rd Ameesha Spirit

Race 9

1st Mama Mia Molly

2nd Ameesha Misty

3rd Dasrkling Damselfly

Race 10

1st Sexy Dexy

2nd Cernevale Bluebell

3rd Lady Anatenka

Race 11

1st Ameesha Little Ebs

2nd Gambler Jack

3rd Maverick

Race 12

1st Phena Bean

2nd Spikes of Fire

Race 13

1st Ameesha MagikMonkey

2nd Ameesha Meadow

3rd Warwick

Race 14

1st Hazlenut Honeycombe

2nd Penny

Race 15

1st Little Pocket Rocket

2nd Ameesha Red Rascal

3rd KittyKat


Race 16

1st Crazy Maisy

2nd Elmo

Ameesha Spirit dnf