Dull, but dry and mild, cant ask more in the middle of October, so we all had a lovely mornings racing.

The Autumn Sprint trophies were won by Heavyweight – Pippin, R/u Bella; Lightweight – Ebony, R/u Breeze & Cosmo; Vets – Honey, R/u Meadow. Lurcher winner was Flash, R/u Spud. Well done to all dogs, there was some very good close races.

We welcomed an assortment of sighthounds, as well as Wonderful Whippets were Gorgeous Greyhounds, Lovely Lurchers, Stunning Salukis and Spectacular Sloughis. Joyce has had an accident, so her and Fred weren’t with us, they were sorely missed. However, stirling work was done by Steve and Richard, Norman bravely rode the bike and Jason hauled the traps about. Thanks lads, can’t run a meeting without helpers.

We wish Joyce a speedy recovery and hope to see her and Fred soon.