All fixtures are subject to change. Please note that trophies and rosettes will only be awarded to dogs belonging to club members. This does not apply to special events, which will be open to all. Details will be published later.

Date Meeting Any Other Business
March 3rd
Set up and trialling Subs due
March 10th Club Racing  
March 17th Dog of the Day  
March 24th Club Racing  
March 31st Spring Shields  
April 7th Club Racing  
April 14th Dog of the Day  
April 21st Easter Trophies  
April 28th Club Racing 1st WCRA Champs 150yd Straight & Veteran Crowns at Rymeadows PWRC
1st NPWRA Champs 150yd Straight at Andover PWRC
May 12th Club Racing  
May 19th Dog of the Day  
May 26th Club racing 2nd NPWRA Champs 175yd Straight at The Northern PWRC 
June 3rd Trophy Meeting  
June 9th Club Racing  
June 16th Dog of the Day 2nd WCRA Champs 220yd Bend & 110yd Veteran Sprint 
June 23rd Club Racing  
June 30th Summer Trophies  
July 7th Club Racing 3rd NPWRA Champs 160yd at Independent PWRC 
July 14th Dog of the Day  
July 21st Club Racing  
July 28th SPRINT  
August 4th Club racing  
 August 11th August Vale Trophies  3rd WCRA Champs 165yd Straight & 150yd Veteran Crowns at Ryemeadows PWRC   
August 18th Club racing  
August 25th Dog of the Day  
September 1st Trophy Meeting  
September 8th Club Racing  
September 15th Dog of the Day  4th NPWRA Champs 180yd Straight at Andover PWRC
September 22nd SPRINT  
 September 29th  Club Racing  
October 6th Club Racing 4th WCRA Champs 220yd Bend & 110yd Veteran Sprint at Ryemeadows PWRC 
October 13th Trophy Meeting  
October 21st Club Racing  
October 20th Dog of the Day  
October 29th Club Racing  
November 3rd Trophy Meeting  


Handicaps and distances will be decided when the number and ability of dogs is known.

Please book in for trialling and racing  before 9pm on the Thursday prior to Sunday’s racing. Telephone or text Margaret on 01749 938365 or 07928423734,  of you can leave a message on the West Somerset Facebook group.

 Make sure you arrive and book in by 10.30am and if able to, lend a hand. 

In the interests of dogs safety please ensure there is a person beyond the finish line to pick up your dog.