We were lucky enough to have the most glorious day for our last event of the season.  The proceeds to be split between Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance and club funds.  We had 62 dogs entered. with 20 triallers,  who all ran really well and enjoyed themselves.


Stake  1

1st Jessie

2nd Drizzle

1st Cons Fleur

2nd Miah

Stake 4

1st Tansey

2nd Colin

1st Cons Niamh

2nd Teazle

Stake 5

1st Monty

2nd Reuben

1st Cons Phantom

Dime n/r

Stake 7

1st Ebony

2nd Zula

Lyric n/r

Stake 9

1st Bugsy

2nd Polly

1st Cons Dottie

Zippo n/r

Stake 11

1st Ziggy

2nd Elmo

1st Cons Warwick

Stake 12

1st Maverick

2nd Monty Don

1st Cons Pippin

Stake 14

1st Zola

2nd Sonic

1st Cons Cosmo

Stake 16

1st Harley

2nd Dexter

Jack n/r

Stake 17

1st TisWas

2nd Pasha

1st Cons Kitty

Stake 18

1st Darcy

2nd Myrtle

1st Cons Breeze


Stake 3

1st Diva

2nd Tigga

1st Cons Sark

2nd Arry

Stake 6

1st Novak

2nd Paris

1st Cons Pepper

2nd Rory

Stake 10

1st Rogue

2nd Chase

1st Cons Skittle

Dave n/r

Stake 15

1st Sika

2nd Flash

Silken Windhounds

Stake 2

1st Layla

2nd Velvet

1st Cons Isla

Stake 8

1st River

2nd Denver

1st Cons Thief

Stake 13

1st Raz

2nd Sonny

1st Cons Surfer

2nd Beaux